Eagle Vision: A guiding dynamic document

E: Efficiency

  • Fiscal Control and Responsibility
  • Do more with less
  • Push for non-traditional revenue sources
  • Continue to build equity and assets
  • Evaluate start times and logistics
  • Push back on unfunded mandates

A: Academics

  • Provide teachers, students, and administrators the vision and tools for success
  • Teach to the mind and heart, not to the test
  • Each student should have a "Personal Parkway," a plan that matches their mind, creativity, interest, and skillset
  • Less homework, more experiential learning
  • More open work groups and critical thinking assignments; let's get away from cemetery seating and one-way learning

G: Growth and Innovation

  • Find new, consistent, simple ways to communicate with stakeholders: Parents, Teachers, Students, Administrators, Local Leaders, and Taxpayers.
  • Further partnerships with local businesses, community groups, and government
  • Facilitate innovative non-traditional classrooms with a focus on experience, critical-thinking, and problem-solving

L: Life Readiness

  • Nothing is more important than preparing a student for the next step in their journey
  • Most of our students will complete their education at Milford and attend college, go to a trade school, enter the workforce, or join the military; Let's prepare them through their "Personal Parkway" and not create a homogenized highway
  • Students need to learn basic life skills, no matter what the path, as they enter adulthood

E: Experience

  • Safety of our students and faculty (both internally and externally) is critical to our school community
  • Our community should have a zero-tolerance for threats, assaults, bullying, and drug abuse
  • Let's continue to support additional clubs, programs, and athletics as a way to engage our students; there are still many un-tapped resources and partnerships
  • We need to finish the master plan to match our facilities with our vision and enhance the experience:  New Jr. High, HS completion, new auditorium/performing arts center, and Pre-School